The Dance of Colour

Bate Bola

Bate Bola continues Nicola Green’s explorations on identity, culture and race through the colourful lens of the Rio Carnival in Brazil. Green is fascinated by this unfettered day of celebration, in a country that is defined by its high number of mixed heritage citizens, for her they are a vibrant visual metaphor for the possibilities of human understanding and the interwoven nature of cultural heritage.

In Bate Bola, Green has created a carnival community that has roots and legacies that date back to the time of colonial slavery hundreds of years ago. This continuation of Carnival is a subversion of identity, creating a space for transposition, exploration, membership and exchange.

Bate Bola was shown at the critically acclaimed Diaspora Pavilion, of which Green was a co-founder, in 2017 at the 57th Venice Biennale.

Quasar Frames™

After months of experimentation, Green discovered a technique for construction of an innovative new frame, utilising a combination of clear and live-edge Perspex. This method internally refracts light between the multiple layers of the frame causing light to be emitted from the edge. The method Green developed enabled her to create a source of light, without the use of electricity. Green is the sole inventor, producer and supplier of this unique glowing frame.

The light-gathering Quasar Frames™ work beautifully with both natural and ambient lighting. The result is a dramatic statement which can transform a space, creating a striking focal point.


The frame is not only an integral part of the artwork, but has been designed to provide long term protection.  Quasar Frames™ are an ideal material to preserve and safeguard works. Most artworks are fragile by nature but uniquely, this enables Quasar Frames™ to be hung in any room, including bathrooms, and in any climate, able to withstand the effects of tropical climates.

Green has created stunning commissioned artworks for private clients and ground-breaking artworks for exhibition. The Quasar Frames™ have been exhibited globally, notably presenting her acclaimed Bate Bola series at the Diaspora Pavilion at the 2017 Venice Biennale.