Portraits in Quasar Frames™

Nicola has developed and trademarked Quasar Frame™. These frames are made solely by the artist and only available to her clients. The frames emit a remarkable light and glow, without any power supply. The result is a dramatic statement which can transform a space, creating a striking focal point.


Davis Family

As an American family whose children had spent the first six years of their life in London, the Davis family commissioned a portrait commemorating those precious early memories. The Davis’ knew their children would not remember much of this special time so Nicola worked with them to make a piece that would remind them forever. The final work is a portrait of London and a memento of their life there.

A map of London forms the foundation of the portrait. This highlights the places in which the family lived and worked. Nicola photographed the family in the playground in which they had spent countless hours and both children can be seen swinging and playing across the map! The father and son can be seen scaling the side of Big Ben reflecting their love of climbing. The family are keen travellers so mother and daughter are seen sightseeing in Trafalgar Square. These elements come together to create a portrait that will honour the memory of these formative years in London.


The House That Charles Built

This portrait incorporates three-colour silkscreen prints hand-printed onto Perspex and mounted in Quasar Frames. It is composed of 12 panels - each carefully chosen to reflect the family and their home. This includes four traditional portraits. The other panels make architectural reference to the family home that Glen Charles designed and built as well as his highly successful property development business. The design utilises the family’s shoes which are placed underneath rows of bricks and other architectural details  taken from all the homes that they have built together.




Devey Family

Nicola’s most recent commission is still a work in progress. This portrait utilises the family’s antique map of the River Thames in the background. It is a reflection of their shared love of the sea, the different cities they have lived in and each family members individual interests. As the children become adults, the work represents the complete journey of their family. Nicola is particularly fond of the Emmanuel Cambridge University Lion which can be seen in the central panel meeting their family dog ‘Otter’ in their driveway!