In Seven Days...

An artistic and historic masterpiece
— The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

In 2008, Green gained unprecedented artistic access to Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign. She had a front row seat to historic events, from Obama’s DNC nomination speech in Denver to his inauguration in Washington, D.C. During this unique opportunity Green was behind-the-scenes taking photographs, making sketches, and having conversations with press, staff, citizens, as well as Obama himself. Because she was not focused on the media moment, but the legacy for her children, Green was able to establish a uniquely trusting relationship with Obama and capture personal and intimate moments. Upon her return to the UK, Green spent years researching, distilling and experimenting before completing a series of seven large silkscreen prints titled In Seven Days...

In Seven Days… is an invaluable resource for social history. It illuminates a time in contemporary American history characterised by unbridled optimism and the imperative for racial equality in the highest office of the nation. Green created a visual legacy of the Obama candidacy for posterity.




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