Encounters: The Art of Interfaith Dialogue


Encounters: The Art of Interfaith Dialogue (2018)

Art and concept by Nicola Green

Edited by Aaron Rosen

Published by Brepols

Part of the Arts and the Sacred Series

What makes for productive and long-lasting interfaith dialogue?  This book uses Nicola Green’s artwork as a lens through which to explore and analyse the state of interreligious dialogue today.  The book features contributions from leading scholars and practitioners in theology, history, cultural studies, and art history, writing in an accessible style that is engaging for both academic and general readers.  Writers pay special attention to the embodied nature of dialogue, commenting on frequently neglected dimensions of such encounters, from the set-up of the physical spaces to gestures and clothing.  Not only does this book seek to evaluate the conditions and implications of interreligious dialogue, it encourages readers to take up the challenge of encounters themselves.