Encounters: The Art of Interfaith Dialogue (2018)

Art and concept by Nicola Green

Edited by Aaron Rosen

Published by Brepols

Part of the Arts and the Sacred Series

What makes for productive and long-lasting interfaith dialogue?  This book uses Nicola Green’s artwork as a lens through which to explore and analyse the state of interreligious dialogue today.  The book features contributions from leading scholars and practitioners in theology, history, cultural studies, and art history, writing in an accessible style that is engaging for both academic and general readers.  Writers pay special attention to the embodied nature of dialogue, commenting on frequently neglected dimensions of such encounters, from the set-up of the physical spaces to gestures and clothing.  Not only does this book seek to evaluate the conditions and implications of interreligious dialogue, it encourages readers to take up the challenge of encounters themselves.

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Some Words About Encounters: The Art of Interfaith Dialogue

We know we need to listen to each other, but we also need to learn to see each other. This is at the heart of Nicola Green’s remarkable and visionary practice, and this inspiring book.

Edmund de Waal OBE

Artist Author, The Hare with Amber Eyes

Nicola Green rightly considers herself a visual social historian. She has created artworks of major historical significance and an invaluable resource for future generations.

Tristram Hunt

Director of the Victoria and Albert Museum

A journey of hope reminding us of that which we share in common.

The Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin QHC

Chaplain to the Queen and the House of Commons

Nicola Green is a testament to how artists can bring the best out of humanity. Her work is a wonderful bridge, crossing cultural divides.

Saeb Eigner

Author, Art of The Middle East. Patron of Art Dubai

The written word imparts knowledge; the spoken word inspires one to action; and the visual image reaches the soul. For those who think religion is the problem, this book tells a different story.

Heather Templeton Dill

President, John Templeton Foundation

Nicola Green’s Encounters is a project of tremendous ambition.

Sandy Nairne CBE FSA

Former Director of the National Portrait Gallery, London


Contributors to Encounters: The Art of Interfaith Dialogue


Contents of Encounters: The Art of Interfaith Dialogue

Foreword - Dr. Rowan Williams - Former Archbishop of Canterbury                                            

Encounters - Nicola Green - Artist

Introduction - Prof. Ben Quash and Prof. Aaron Rosen - Professor of Christianity and the Arts at King’s College London & Professor of Religious Thought at Rocky Mountain College

Beyond Photo Opportunities: A Personal Journey into Interfaith Dialogue - Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra - National leader in The Muslim Council of Britain

Through Scripture and through Prayer: Leading Edges in Interfaith Engagement - Prof. David Ford OBE - Regius Professor of Divinity Emeritus in the University of Cambridge

Grace-full Bodies: Interreligious Encounters in the Art of Nicola Green  - Revd William Danaher - Rector of Christ Church Cranbrook

Women as Witness: Gender and Participation in Encounters - Maryanne Saunders - PhD candidate in Theology and Religious Studies at King’s College London

Framing Encounters, Performing Difference - Dr. Lieke Wijnia- Postdoctoral fellow of the Centre for Religion and Heritage at the University of Groningen                          

Holy Faces: Reflection and Projection - Dr. Chloe Reddaway- Research Fellow, Arts and the Sacred at King's College London

‘Only Connect’: Drawing Interfaith Parallels through Art - Dua Abbas - Visual artist and writer based in Lahore, Pakistan

What Does Interreligious Dialogue Have to Say, and to Whom? Jibran Khan - Thomas L. Rhodes Journalism Fellow at the National Review Institute

When Empathy Fails: Managing Radical Differences - Gabrielle Rifkind - Founder and Director of the Oxford Process

Encountering the Divine - Skinder Hundal - Director of New Art Exchange (NAE)