The Light Series


The Light Series is made up of twelve life-sized figures of religious leaders. Viewers encounter them on equal-footing, turning authorities into approachable dialogue partners. The arrangement of the figures also embodies dialogue. People who once turned away from one another, now stand together, open to a different future.

Instead of a canvas, the artist creates her portraits on sheets of laser-cut Perspex. She uses silkscreen prints for her subjects’ faces and then colours their clothing with acrylics, applied in thin layers to the back of the Perspex. This time-consuming process recalls reverse glass painting, practiced in many cultures from ancient Byzantium to India. Each figure is backed with live-edge Perspex, radiating light like a prism. No special lighting is required to make the figures glint and glow. Light, and hope, emanates from these encounters.


Painting H.H. Pope Francis perspex figure

Painting H.H. Chinnajeeyar Swamiji perspex figure

Painting Bhai Sahib Dr. Mohinder Singh perspex figure

Painting Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem perspex figure

Painting The Right Reverend Rowan Williams perspex figure

Painting Former Grand Mufti Ali Goma perspex figure

Painting Sayyed Jawad Al-Khoei perspex figure

Painting Dr. Homi Dhalla perspex figure

Painting Emeritus Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks perspex figure