The Encounter Series


The Encounter Series is comprised of thirty-one portraits.  Each image has a patterned background particular to the faith of the sitter and the encounter Green witnessed. Great care was taken to consider the theological significance of each motif, which incorporates symbolically rich imagery drawn from the scenes the artist observed. Sources range from ancient manuscripts in the Vatican and Lambeth Palace libraries to a Torah pointer, a Zoroastrian tile, and architectural details from a Hindu Temple.  These elements are transformed into deceptively simple graphic patterns designed in Green’s studio. They are embellished by hand with 24k gold, silver and copper leaf and diamond dust.

The subject of each portrait is then hand-painted in muted tones to obscure the face and hands, evoking comparisons to the veiling, cladding, and erasure of images in various religious traditions.  This process creates images that are deliberately open-ended, encouraging viewers to make new connections between the sitters, and allowing them to project themselves into unexpected roles.  Ethnicity, culture, age, and gender are often rendered indeterminate, turning identity into a fluid category, defined in dialogue with others.

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