Quasar Frames™

Nicola Green is the sole inventor, producer and supplier of the Quasar Frame™ - the vibrant frame which emits a remarkable light, as if powered by electricity.

Working in collaboration with highly skilled British craftspeople and accomplished master artisans Green has developed an innovative use of Perspex, which gathers and refracts light. This creates a beautiful glow from the frame’s edge using ambient light and requiring no power source.

The result is a dramatic statement which can transform a space, creating a striking focal point. When curated by Green, the Quasar Frames™ create the illusion of internal stained glass.

The frame is not only an integral part of the artwork, but has been designed to provide long term protection. Quasar Frames™ are an ideal material to preserve and safeguard works. Quasar Frames™ can be hung in any space and in any climate, able to withstand the effects of tropical climates.

Nicola Green has conducted intensive research in to new methods of visual communication appropriate to a zero carbon world, committed to producing artworks as sustainably as possible. The Quasar Frame™ has a dual functionality as a method of displaying artworks, and as a sustainable no-carbon source of light.

Quasar Frames™ are available exclusively to Green’s clients. For enquiries please click here.