Legacy Works

Nicola Green is a critically acclaimed artist with an international reputation for her compelling legacy works.

Green is renowned for her powerful storytelling ability and unrivalled talent for drawing out the essence of her subjects. Green works with families, commercial clients and international figures.

Green’s unique approach to portraiture has enabled her to earn the trust of iconic figures from the worlds of religion, politics and culture, collaborating with President Obama, Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama to capture some of the defining moments of our times, as well as intimate legacy portraits of families across the world.

Green creates unique and memorable legacy works, which serve as a living conversation with future generations.


Green’s process is entirely bespoke and unusually collaborative - clients are welcomed in to Green’s studio and invited to have as much (or as little) input as they desire. Green works closely with her clients to encapsulate the most important aspects of their life, legacy, history and identity; carefully exploring the intersection of their social and cultural life and heritage, to truly capture their unique story.


As a mixed media artist, Green offers clients legacy works in a variety of mediums. Her work combines painting, drawing, collage, silk screen printing, gilding, photography and textile design. Portraits are available in oil, silkscreen, or unique Quasar Frames™ .

In the final art work she incorporates the use of non-verbal communication, body language, and semiotics in combination with photographs, family heirlooms, textiles, architecture, and cartography to get to the heart of her subject. Green is often able to communicate visually what people have been unable to articulate with words. When creating legacy works Green distills often complex stories into deceptively simple imagery. As an artist, she brings together her powers of intuition and intellect to truly embody her subject.

Quasar Frames™

Green is the sole inventor of the striking Quasar Frames™ which produce light without the use of power. Green has developed an innovative use of Perspex, which gathers and refracts light, creating a beautiful, ambient glow that emits from the frame’s edge. The result is a dramatic statement which can transform a space, creating a striking focal point. When curated by Green, the Quasar Frames™ create the illusion of internal stained glass. Quasar Frames™ are available exclusively to Green’s clients, and are created working closely with highly skilled British craftspeople and accomplished master artisans.

Family Portrait, Sussex

Painting, silkscreen printing and silver leaf on perspex in fifteen Quasar Frames™

This portrait utilises the family’s antique map of the River Thames. It is a reflection of their shared love of the sea, the different cities they have lived in and each family members individual interests. As the children become adults, the work represents the complete journey of their family. Nicola is particularly fond of the Emmanuel Cambridge University Lion which can be seen in the central panel meeting their family dog ‘Otter’ in their driveway!

Family Portrait, NewYork/London

Painting and silkscreen printing on perspex in twelve Quasar Frames™

As an American family whose children had spent the first six years of their life in London, the Davis family commissioned a portrait commemorating those precious early memories. The Davis’ knew their children would not remember much of this special time so Nicola worked with them to make a piece that would remind them forever. The final work is a portrait of London and a memento of their life there.

A map of London forms the foundation of the portrait. This highlights the places in which the family lived and worked. Nicola photographed the family in the playground in which they had spent countless hours and both children can be seen swinging and playing across the map! The father and son can be seen scaling the side of Big Ben reflecting their love of climbing. The family are keen travellers so mother and daughter are seen sightseeing in Trafalgar Square. These elements come together to create a portrait that will honour the memory of these formative years in London.

Family Portrait, London

Drawing and silkscreen printing on perspex in twelve Quasar Frames™

This portrait incorporates three-colour silkscreen prints hand-printed onto Perspex and mounted in Quasar Frames. It is composed of 12 panels - each carefully chosen to reflect the family and their home. This includes four traditional portraits. The other panels make architectural reference to the family home that Glen Charles designed and built as well as his highly successful property development business. The design utilises the family’s shoes which are placed underneath rows of bricks and other architectural details  taken from all the homes that they have built together.

Individual Portrait, London

Painting, silkscreen printing, silver leaf and diamond dust on perspex in a Quasar Frame™

Individual Portrait, Caribbean

Painting and silkscreen printing on perspex in a Quasar Frame™

Double Portrait, London/USA

Painting, silkscreen printing and diamond dust on cotton paper Somerset 410gsm


These portraits combine hand-painting, drawing, silk screen printing and photography. They have been designed to fit in harmoniously with the client’s existing eclectic art collection -  encompassing diverse pieces ranging from classic oil paintings to modern Alex Katz portraits.

Family Portrait, London/Manchester

Silkscreen printing on cotton paper Somerset 410gsm

This portrait was commissioned to celebrate Sir Alex Fergusons’ 70th birthday. The family originally wanted an oil painting but after lots of discussion everyone agreed a silk-screen print would better capture the family and their abundance of energy. The background colours were carefully mixed to reflect their South African heritage and the time they have spent in Africa as a family. The grandchildren chose the football specifically as it was a treasured memento from the Champions League.

Individual and Family Portraits

Oil Painting on panel