Family Portraits

Portraiture has long been part of Nicola Green’s artistic practice. She has always been interested in capturing the essence of her subjects - wether its individuals, families, Barack Obama, Elle Macpherson or the Dalai Lama. She devotes countless hours to research and collecting primary materials to truly understand her subjects. This is also true for her private commissions to which she dedicates the same amount of research and time. Green’s method of portraiture is a time-honoured process associated with the power of tradition. However, unlike traditional portraiture, which relies on the artist’s interpretation of a sitter’s identity, Green moves one step further - creating her portraits directly with her clients.

Green creates priceless heirlooms for her clients by employing an unusually collaborative approach. She works directly with her clients from beginning to end: from gathering family narratives, capturing countless photographs and sketches and building a storyboard which will become their portrait. As with her other series, she formulates which narratives to represent in the portrait masterfully. Clients are involved with the process from beginning to end to ensure an entirely bespoke portrait is created. The end product is a living conversation for future generations and a grounding piece within a family home.

Green works with three mediums: printing on Quasar Frames, silk screen printing and oil painting.


Quasar Frames™



Oil Painting