Portraiture has long been part of Nicola Green’s artistic practice. Her oeuvre as a whole captures the legacy of her subjects: from presidents to the world’s religious leaders, to her private and corporate clients. Green dedicates the same amount of research and time to all her clients.

Green’s process for her clients is unusually collaborative in her approach and completely bespoke. She works directly with her clients from beginning to end: from gathering family narratives, capturing countless photographs and sketches and building her client’s story board which will become their portrait. As with her other series, she is masterful at formulating which narratives to represent in the portrait. This process makes Green’s artistic, unique interpretation of her clients entirely commemorative, bespoke and collaborative. Her method of portraiture is a time-honoured process associated with the power of tradition. However, unlike traditional method of portrait, which relies on the artist’s interpretation of a sitter’s identity, Green moves one step further in creating her portraits directly with her clients. The end product is a living conversation for future generations and a grounding piece within a family home. Nicola Green creates priceless heirlooms with her clients.

In addition to these private collections, her portraits have gained critical acclaim. She has been selected for the BP National Portrait Gallery Exhibitions twice - in 2006 and 2008.

Her other series are in the collections of the The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery Washington DC, The Library of Congress Washington DC, The Courtauld Institute of Art London and The International Slavery Museum Liverpool. She has exhibited at National Portrait Gallery London, Dulwich Picture Gallery London, Sir John Soane's Museum London, Royal Academy of Arts London, Walker Art Gallery Liverpool, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, The Jewish Museum London, Christie’s London, Museum of Modern Art Wales and Venice Diaspora Pavilion 2017.

Her portraits are contemporary yet timeless. Her techniques and mediums combine the traditional purpose of portraiture with a contemporary and fresh product.

Green works with three mediums: oil painting, silk screen printing and printing on Quasar Frames. In all three mediums, Green works with her clients to capture their stories and identities for future generations. It is the opportunity for her clients to own a lasting impression of themselves or their family. Green dedicates her research and study into each of sitter’s to intertwine what they hope to portray along with the truest sense of them. Her portraits reinforce the narratives of her clients and become cherished heirlooms that share their legacy.

Green’s portraiture process varies depending on the desired medium, however they all begin the same. The first stage involves Green meeting with clients to decide the medium of the portrait. Next, Green dedicates her time understand her subject and their story. This includes 2 to 3 meetings to get to know her clients and take her own photographs and sketches as well as gather other images and paraphernalia. Next, she designs the ideal presentation of each portrait. During this stage, she regularly consults with her clients and provides them with options of designs. During these consultations, Green ensure her client’s exact desires are met. This satisfaction is built from the collaborative nature of her process.


Quasar Frame

Nicola Green, along with John Jones Framing, developed and trademarked the Quasar Frame™. The bespoke art is produced on a sheet of clear Perspex, mounted in front of a dramatic fluorescent Perspex layer attached to the back of the frame. When hung on display, the frame creates a remarkable halo of light glowing around it without any power supply. The result is a dramatic statement which can transform an interior design either individually or as a series of framed artworks.

Green developed this special type of framing in 2012 when she was commissioned by Haringey Council to create a series centred on Lord Sebastian Coe and the London Olympic Games. The Quasar Frame™ represented the eternal glow of the Olympic torch. After this commission was finished, Green continues to use these bespoke frames for her different series. For her portraits, they create a striking piece and focal point for her clients.

Silk Screen Print

Green is entirely unique in her bespoke silk screen printed portraits. Like her Quasar frames, these pieces are designed collaboratively with her clients.

Oil Portraiture 

Nicola Green is expertly trained in painting, earning her MFA from Edinburgh University of Art.  Her skills with the medium align with a long history of oil portraiture. Green expertly captures the intricacies and details within her subjects. Her unique style of painting produces lasting pieces for generations.  


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