Carnival, Beat  

Carnival, Beat is a series of silhouetted figures that Green saw during Rio Carnival. The series draws together various materials and processes of production, combining hand-painting onto photographic prints with backdrops formed from commonplace domestic textiles, such as richly patterned wax cloth, tablecloths and vinyl, as well as high-end decorative fabrics and wallpapers. Green’s subjects are concealed by layers of flat painted colour, accentuating their choice of costumes and subtleties of gesture, such as the arching of a back, or hands nervously clasping accessories and cigarettes. By masking the figures, Green mirrors a sense of freedom witnessed during the carnival, where everyday identities are subverted by imaginative temporary personas, and the lines between masculine, feminine, racial, social and sexual identity can become blurred.

Carnival, Pearls is currently on display in Grayson Perry's Room of Fun at the 250th Royal Academy Summer Exhibition