Bate Bola


The Bate Bola series features portraits of the traditional gangs or groups of carnival pranksters who celebrate Carnival by dressing as clownish characters ranging from harlequins and court jesters to contemporary cartoon or manga figures. During Rio Carnival in 2015, Green photographed members of many different Bate Bola gangs. Back in her studio, these images were then bitmapped silk screen printed onto Perspex. Green then reverse hand painted the costumes, masks and fabrics of each portrait.

Green choses to use this method in part to reference the global, historic tradition of reverse glass painting - an art form which dates back to the Byzantine era’s Icons and spread from Europe to the United States in the 18th century as well as emerging in Gujarat, India around the same time.

Bate Bola was shown at the Diaspora Pavilion in 2017 at the 57th Venice Biennale.


Big Bate Bola

Hand painting with pearlescent, metallic & fluorescent paints and silkscreen print in a lava orange Quasar frame TM

H119 x W97.5 cm