A Laughing Record

Nicola Green made A Laughing Record in 2004. She recorded people laughing from all over the world and created a piece of music from these recordings called, The Laughing Record. In 2005 this was the B-side to the no 1. Hit Comic Relief single, "On The Way To Amarillo" by Peter Kay.

Green's original artwork is a limited edition vinyl picture disc. This work toured the UK and USA as a sound and visual installation and was bought by many public and private collections. In 2004 BBC Radio 4 commissioned Nicola to make a 30-minute radio version of Laughing Portrait.

A Laughing Record was part of the touring exhibition Touching Art Touching You. This show was part of BlindArt's touring permanent collection. This permanent collection has been housed at Royal College for the Blind (RNC) in Hereford since 2009.

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