In Seven Days...
Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
18 January - 14 April 2013
The Studio of Nicola Green was very pleased to announce the first European exhibition of In Seven Days… at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK, which took place between 18 January and 14 April 2013.

This major solo exhibition told the inspiring story of Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. In Seven Days… is a study by British artist Nicola Green of this historic event, which saw the election of the USA’s first black President.

After her first trip in August 2008, witnessing Obama’s nomination in Denver, Green realised that the story unfolding was bigger than one visit or than one man: it had captured the imagination of the global community as well as the American people. Green went on to make six trips to America during the campaign, ending in Obama’s inauguration in January 2009. These seven iconic images are a distillation of all the photographs, sketches and conversations she made during those visits.

Each of the seven images was accompanied by a selection of the primary material (including Nicola’s drawings and photographs) that informed the work. This research and preparatory material is just a tiny proportion of the work Nicola amassed, but gives some insight into the task of reducing this abundance of noise, crowds, speeches, propaganda and celebrity, to these minimal and coherent images.

Viewed as a whole, the work is a reflection on the meaning of hope as well as what future generations can take from this moment in history.

In making her work, Green distills her subjects in a three-step process. The first stage consists of internalising a vast amount of research; from her own photographs and sketches to newspapers, magazines and collected paraphernalia. She then reduces profile, gesture and context to the minimum information needed to maintain critical form. Using the printed medium as a drawing device, she experiments with pattern and repetition before settling on the final images.
"In our increasingly aggressive instant and ephemeral culture, every powerful image is reproduced thousands of times, flung around the world at the speed of light to be devoured then, as instantly, disregarded and trashed...

In Seven Days deliberately toys with the techniques of the mass media – screen-printing, magazine cuttings and photography snapped on the move ... in reframing the moment when a black man became president of a former slave-owning nation, she [Nicola] is allowing us to visit the tattered dreams of our childhood, the last time we truly believed we could do anything."
'In Seven Days...' Stephen Armstrong (Sunday Times journalist), 2013
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